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“Digital design is like painting,
except the paint never dries."
– Neville Brody


Color Wheel Creatives recognizes that getting to know our clients is essential to the creative process.
It's a must. There are times when a business explodes by taking on the personality and identity of its owner… But there are other times when the business needs an alter-ego of its own to steal the show.
Let us lead you through the process of making your brand a star.


You are faced with making good decisions for your company every day. Making the decision to check us out was a good decision. Now take the next step by sharing some of your thoughts and dreams.
After you give us the green light to get started, you can get back your job, while we do ours.

Brand Identity Print Design Exhibit Design Digital Illustration Web Design

Top 5 Industries Represented in Our 2015/2016 Client List
Government/Public Health Restaurants Marketing Agencies Private Education Health/Luxury

“Styles come and go.
Good design is a language, not a style.”
– Massimo Vignelli

Breanna's career experience is rich in every facet of layout, production expertise,
graphic design, art direction, custom illustration, brand identity, exhibit display design, typography,
web art, marketing and technical consulting, client account and project management,
vendor management, training of others and more. Her client-facing and leadership roles require
high-level multi-tasking and collaboration with clients, colleagues and vendors, to analyze goals,
determine the most effective direction to take a campaign, and deliver successful, on-target visual campaigns, using strong typography, expert-level software, design principles and vibrant color.

To every project she touches, she brings the perspective of an Entrepreneur,
the knowledge of an Expert, and the passion for creative communication of an Art Director.

Review artist bio and experience LinkedIn in full detail on LinkedIn.

Perspective, Expertise, Passion

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like;
design is how it works.”
– Steve Jobs

Please be patient while the Folio gets a fancy makeover.

Be honest, you wouldn't want to be rushed at the spa, either!
With over 1200 projects and 150 different clients represented, the portfolio extensive, to say the least. But don't worry, we'll trim it down for you!
In the meantime, feel free to make requests for digital samples in any genre.

What genres are available to see? Start asking and we'll let you know what we have to show off...
Logos, Marketing Materials, Digital Illustration, Digital Presentations, Exhibit and Large Format Displays, Web Art, Photo Manipulation, Typography, Publication Design, and more!
(And be sure to mention a certain industry if it's important to you.)

“A pleasant and productive mix of:

creative insight, design flair,
shrewd pragmatism, and
on-top-of-it communications.

Breanna Wheeler is everything you want in a visual business partner.
I can work with anyone, and I work with her."

- Jerry Smith, VP Design Management | TNS-Global